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Participacin en proyectos europeos de I+D

Si desea participar en proyectos de I+D+i con financiacin europea, utilice el motor de bsqueda para encontrar aquella propuesta que ms se adece a sus necesidades y mbito de actividad.

En caso de que est buscando socios para una propuesta de proyecto que est preparando para una prxima convocatoria, rellene el Formulario para una Bsqueda de Socios, para lo que necesitar los Anexos de Tecnologa, Mercado y Actividad. Tras rellenar el correspondiente formulario y enviarlo al socio de su regin, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para validar el documento.

Si desea ampliar informacin sobre alguna de las referencias, pngase en contacto con nosotros. Encontrar los datos de contacto del miembro de ACTIS ms cercano a usted en la seccin SOCIOS.

ltimas bsquedas de socios
Lmite 18 Sep 2020
IraSME: A Turkish company experienced in vibration-based structural health monitoring is looking for partners for the IraSME project to be submitted.
A structural engineering company based in Turkey offering high-end structural engineering services is looking for partners experienced in, structural engineering, IoT, AI, and/or sensor systems for the project to be submitted to IraSME call. Potential partners will take roles concerning their field of experience. The project aims to monitor the civil engineering structures and provide quick information about building safety after major seismic events.
Lmite 30 Nov 2020
[EUREKA- Network Project] A renowned Korean manufacturer of steam methane reformer for hydrogen refueling system is seeking utilization technology for its captured carbon dioxide
A Korean manufacturer of steam methane reformer for hydrogen refueling system is seeking a partner with captured carbon dioxide utilization technology for their EUREKA project. The goal is to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with carbon dioxide capture/storage technology (CCS) and carbon utilization technology (CCU) to be developed throughout the project. Partners with CCS have been found and the consortium is now seeking partner with carbon utilization technology.
Lmite sin definir
Interreg Alpine Space: Italian University is looking for partners under a research cooperation agreement to join a project in the field of electric mobility
The Department of Computer Science of an Italian University is looking for institutional partners, interest groups, enterprises and SMEs to join a project in the framework of INTERREG Alpine Space. The project mission is to facilitate the development of infrastructures for electric mobility, activating a supportive network of charging points. The University is looking for a lead partner and other partners able to support the different aspects of the project.
Lmite 01 Dic 2020
Eureka - A Turkish company is looking future R&D partners that are experienced in enviromental design for a Eurostars project to create a system which allows to use different measurement and recording devices to evaluate obtained data instantly.
A Turkish company specialized in environmental design and operating recreation areas such as pools, jogging paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas, and green areas are looking for R&D partners that are experienced in environmental design, GIS systems, and Eurostars projects to submit a proposal for the Eurostars Program to create a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system which allows the company to evaluate the data obtained through the SCADA system in an integrated GIS system.
Lmite 15 Oct 2020
[German-Korean joint R&D project] A Korean company specialised in high precision processing technology is looking for a German partner, capable of developing high-speed auto-array distributor and conveyor control system.
A Korean company specialised in high precision proceeding technology is looking for a partner for a German-Korean joint R&D project. The main goal is to develop loading/unloading collaborative robot, aiming at handling atypical and handle-with-care freights. Thus, a German company specialised in high-speed auto-array distributor and conveyor control system could be a potential partner for the project. The deadline for proposal submission is 30 October 2020.
Lmite 31 Oct 2020
A regional Spanish newspaper is looking for regional newspapers from Italy, France and Portugal to create a European Network for Regional Medias and apply to the European Green Deal call area 10, topic 3.
A Spanish newspaper will create a European Medias Network dedicated to cooperating in the design and development of common projects oriented to defend and promote the European values and joining transnational consortiums in order to apply to the European Green Deal Call, area 10, topic 3. The company is searching for regional medias in Portugal, France and Italy to join the Network and cooperate in common projects oriented to empower, educate and involve citizens on climate change.
Lmite 07 Oct 2020
H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020: Hungarian company developing, manufacturing and marketing retail security solutions is looking for a partner to carry out semiconductor development
A Hungarian manufacturer of retail security solutions is developing a novel theft prevention system for fashion retailers. The system is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Electronic Article Surveillance solution using a novel RFID chip concept. The company seeks a partner for under a proposal for the H2020 EIC-FTI-2018-2020 call to design and fabricate the custom RFID chip to be used in the system.
Lmite 15 Sep 2020
H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020: Deep-tech and robotic application for the construction sector project is looking for elevator manufacturer or automations manufacturer
A Greek ICT company prepares an FTI proposal for the construction sector. The project aims to verify the quality of the structure of buildings. The company is looking for either an elavator manufacturer or an automation manufacturer for research collaboration.
Lmite 30 Sep 2020
H2020-EIC-FTI Hungarian SME is looking for a large enterprise with experience in plastic injection moulding to support the manufacturing of the movement and coordination development tool
The Hungarian SME has years long experience of developing medical tools for children with birth injuries. The aim of the planned H2020 FTI project is to further develop the movement device by improving the manufacturing process and enhance it with ICT solutions so it can be a more efficient therapy tool. The current sales are limited by the complex manufacturing method. The company is looking for a large enterprise with injection moulding expertise for optimise the manufacturing.
Lmite 15 Sep 2020
H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 - Italian company is looking for a biopolymer supplier to develop and produce an eco-friendly umbrella
An Italian company created an eco-sustainable umbrella, 100% recyclable, with an Italian design and featuring a patented innovation that makes it more durable. The SME has already created a first model to enter the market by the end of 2020 and is planning to develop two new models and to make the product more sustainable. For this aim, the company is looking for a partner able to develop and supply a specific biopolymer suitable for that umbrella and interested to be part of a FTI project.

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